Friday, 1 July 2011

What To do On a Teachers' Strike Day ?

Bethany was off school today due to the Teachers' strike. Fortunately my good friend Kellie had mentioned a gorgeous little shop in Brentwood called, appropriately, The Brentwood Bead Shop. It therefore seemed an ideal opportunity to have a girlie day and make some lovely jewellery into the bargain. Kellie, Georgina (her daughter and Bethany's friend) Bethany and I arrived in an Aladdin's cave of beads, and all things bead-like  and under the careful eye of Carol (and with some help & advice) we had a wonderful time designing and producing bracelets, necklaces and pendants.
Kellie made a stunning black and white set, Georgina a beautiful crystal rainbow set, and Bethany a rose quartz and crystal set. I cannot recommend the shop highly enough, there are enough beads and examples of work in there to keep you busy for many hours and I am already eagerly planning my next visit. All in all it was a lovely mother/daughter/friends day and we finished it off with a tasty Chinese meal :)
Come on teachers' more strike action please!
Will post some photos tomorrow x                              


Brentwood Bead Shop said...

Thank you so much for coming along and enjoying yourselves so much. Brentwood Bead Shop enjoyed having you! We have lots of mother/daughter/nan/ friends days planned for the summer holiday, join our Facebook page where we keep you updated. Thanks again. Nina & Carol.

DeBe said...

Have already "Liked" you LOL! Thanks for linking to my newbie blog . Can't wait to come back again :)